The ultimate goal of almost every club lacrosse player is to play in college. We have created this recruiting template to help you achieve that goal. Lacrosse can help you get into many great schools, no matter the level of play. 

  1. Recruiting is driven by the players! It is each player’s responsibility to reach out to the schools that fit their interests.          
  2. College recruiting is not only for the top players. There are hundreds of schools between Division 1, 2, and 3 that offer NCAA Men’s Lacrosse. 
  • Research Colleges to find some that fit your interests. Consider the size, location, tuition, majors, conference, division, etc. 
  • Make a LARGE list of colleges. Start to shrink the list as you become more aware of your skill level, what locations you like, what you want to study, etc.
  • Begin to complete online recruiting questionnaire’s on men’s college lacrosse teams’ web pages.
  • Start sending out emails to coaches to let them know you’re interested in their school’s team. Include in the email: 
    • Name
    • High school
    • Position 
    • Year of Graduation
    • High school and club coaches contact information
    • Accolades
    • GPA
    • Link to your highlights (clean music / no music)
    • Upcoming tournaments with your schedule and number attached
    • Keeping it short will allow the coach to get all your info quick. Remember they have hundreds of players sending them similar emails. They don’t have the time to read a long, wordy email!
  • Sign Up for prospect days at schools you have interest in
    • Attending prospect days at particular schools is an easy way for a coach to notice you
  • Set up a visit or tour when possible

Dear Coach D’Annolfo, 


My name is John Doe and I am currently a rising junior (2022) at Walpole High School in Massachusetts. I am very interested in Tufts because of the tremendous education and the high level of lacrosse that is offered at Tufts. I am interested in becoming a doctor and would love to learn more about the Tufts School of Medicine. I have a 3.8 GPA and I will be taking 2 AP courses in the fall. I am also a member of the varsity basketball and football teams at my high school. I have attached my high school and club highlights below.

High School / Fall 2019 Highlights

  • Starting varsity attackman
  • 39 goals, 45 assists, 30 ground balls, 9 TO (20 games)
  • Hockomock League All Star
  • All-Scholastic Honorable Mention
  • LINK

Summer Schedule:

  • NXT Showcase July 11-12, Downingtown, PA
  • NLF Championships July 17-28, Amherst, MA
  • Legacy Invitational July 28-29, Devens, MA


High School Coach

Club Coach 


All the Best,

John Doe 

Walpole High 2022

  • Focus on your grades
  • Work hard to develop your athletic abilities
    • Consistently practice on your own 
  • Create a list of schools you may be interested in
    • 25 schools or so
    • Consider location, major, size, cost, conference, division
  • Start sending highlight videos and tournament schedules to college coaches
  • Attend prospect days
  • Enroll in Honors and AP courses
  • Edit your college list
  • Take PSAT
  • Discuss lacrosse future with club and high school coaches
  • Email coaches tournament schedules and highlight videos
  • Keep improving everyday
    • If you really want this, go out and get it! No one is stopping you!
  • Continue to excel in the classroom. Good grades will get a lot of coaches attention!
  • Seriously consider which division you and your club/high school coaches believe you can play in. There are many schools out there with great academics and athletics in all divisions.
  • Sign up for SAT in fall and spring of your junior year
  • Receive an NCAA eligibility number
  • Further research the schools that interest you
    • How many players are on the roster?
    • How many players will return the year you plan on entering?
    • Is the coach liked by the players?
    • Does the team normally play freshman?
    • Are there many players at your position on the team?
  • Start to create questions for your school visits
    • What does your fall & spring workout/practice schedule look like?
    • What GPA is expected from your players?
    • Is there any academic support available?
    • What is the expected recruiting class size?
  • Being prepared for visits is the best thing for you. It is normal to be nervous but it will all go better if you have done your research on the team, coach, and school.
  • Seriously invest some time into improving your game play
    • The harder you work in high school, the easier it will be to get on the field in college!
  • Most Division 1 prospects commit by the end of 11th grade
  • Continue to challenge yourself in the classroom by taking AP and Honors courses
  • Create a common application account to help start applying to schools or to the one school you have committed to
  • Division 2 & 3 prospects should have a list of around 5 schools and should be starting to figure out what they want for their athletic future
  • Choose a school for not only based on lacrosse
    • Focus on the combination of academics, athletics, location, size, & majors when choosing a school
  • No communication between college coach & student-athlete before September 1st of Junior Year of high school.
  • No recruiting conversations allowed between college coach & student-athlete at any on campus camp or clinic before September 1st of Junior Year of high school. 
  • Evaluative conversations between college coach & hs/club coach ARE allowed.
    • Example Evaluation Questions:
      • “How is John as a competitor?”
      • “What’re John’s grades?”
      • “How’s John’s attitude?”
      • “What is John’s work ethic like? Is he motivated?”
      • “How’re John’s parents? Have you had any issues with them on the sidelines?”
  • No communication between college coach & student-athlete before June 15th of Sophomore Year of high school.


  • Cannot do an official visit until January of Junior Year of high school.
  • No other major recruiting rules

9th – 10th Grade

  • Coaches are watching at fall/summer tournaments, prospect days, camps, etc.
  • Coaches are creating a large list of players who they are interested in 
  • Coaches start to shorten their lists and figure out their favorite players as September 1st of your Junior Year gets closer

September 1st of Junior Year

  • Coaches will call or email you if they are interested
  • If you get a call, that means they likely want to get you to visit the school and offer you a spot

Post September 1st of Junior Year (For players looking to play Division 1)

  • Narrow down your list of schools based on mutual interest
  • Stay in touch with all schools that have mutual interest and setup school visits where you will likely be offered a spot on the team and possibly a scholarship (no scholarships offered for Ivy League institutions)
  • Likely to make a division 1 commitment between 11th grade fall and 11th grade spring